Puff pastry braid with baked pepper and feta cheese


Baked goods with cheese

Cheese-baked goods can be sweet, salty, salty or spicy. Its taste depends on the additives included in the cheese dough: vanilla sugar, spicy herbs, ground allspice or paprika. For a change, you can mix sesame seeds or peanuts (such as walnuts or hazelnuts) into the dough. Usually, shortbread dough is prepared for such baking, but there are alternatives from puff or yeast dough. It is worth mixing in the dough with grated semi-hard or hard cheese, but pretty good cakes can turn out from the processed cheese. Note that baking cheese dough does not take long, because when it burns, it gets a bitter taste.


Puff pastry is often displayed on our table, because  it is easy and convenient to work with. But this option goes beyond a number of conventional recipes. And the pie’s unusual shape in the form of a pigtail roll and filling of baked pepper with feta cheese will delight you with taste and appearance.


For the recipe you need:

  • Bulgarian pepper – 400 g
  • feta cheese (or any other pickled cheese) – 100 g
  • puff pastry (ready) – 1 pc
  • eggs (for greasing the dough) – 1 pc.


Let’s start with peppers. Turn on the oven at 200-250 ° C and send pepper on a baking sheet in the oven for about 20 minutes. Pepper should be baked in such a state that the upper skin is burnt and comes off. And we could easily remove it. It’s okay if peppers are baked in places until black. Just remember to turn it around every now and then.

After removing the pepper from the oven, quickly remove the top skin. You do not need to cut the baked pepper, let it remain the pieces obtained as a result of peeling off the skin.

Now let’s do the test. Thaw it in advance at room temperature. It is better if it is a whole layer of dough and not separate squares. Roll out the dough to form a long rectangle. Place it on a baking sheet with the short side facing you.

Mentally divide the layer into three parts and make short diagonal cuts in the dough from two edges, as shown in the picture. Make incisions every 1-2 cm in the form of a fringe.

Put feta cheese on the dough in the middle and break it into pieces.

Put the baked pepper on top, salt, if the cheese is unsalted, add spices to taste.

Fold the cut edges of the dough like a braid, placing one edge over the other. Brush the resulting roll with a stirred egg with a fork. Bake the pig in the oven at 200 ° C for 30 minutes. Transfer the finished puff pastry roll with feta cheese and baked pepper to a serving dish, allow to cool slightly and can be cut into pieces. Have a nice meal!


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