Cheese cake with olives in a slow cooker


Cheesecake with olives and herbs can be quickly and easily cooked in a slow cooker. The ingredients in the recipe are designed for a voluminous and fluffy cake, more like a pie. If you want to bake a thin cheesecake, then reduce the ingredients in half.


For the recipe you need:

  • flour – 200g
  • butter – 50g
  • hard cheese – 300 g
  • eggs – 3 pcs.
  • mayonnaise – 4 tbsp.
  • soda – 1 pinch
  • table vinegar
  • vegetable oil for baking
  • parsley to taste
  • olives (or olives) – 5 pcs. garlic – 3 cloves.


Melt the butter, but make sure it does not boil. For these purposes, a water bath (5-10 minutes) or a microwave oven (2-3 minutes) is suitable. Cheese, it is better to grate hard on the finest grater and mix thoroughly with butter.

Add mayonnaise and eggs. Beat well with a mixer or whisk, you should get a liquid but viscous mixture. Mix in a teaspoon, baking powder + vinegar and add to the rest of the ingredients. Pour flour there, mix everything well again.

It is better to knead the dough with your hands, it should be steep. Pour a little more oil into the multi-cooker than usual and place the dough there. Form a cake with your hands.

Chopped olives, garlic and fresh herbs (dill, parsley, etc.) are finely chopped and spread over the tortilla. We choose “Baking” – 1 hour. Then we turn it around and select the same mode again, but for 10 minutes. The cheesecake with olives in a slow cooker is ready.


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