Apple and plum jam in a bread maker


The bread maker is a big and smart household assistant, where you can not only bake bread and muffins, knead dough, but also make jam or preserves. The recipe for apple and plum jam in a bread maker is simple. You just need to put in all the necessary ingredients according to the recipe and set the desired mode. Thanks to the rotating spatula, the jam does not need to be mixed and it will definitely not burn or run away. So let’s get started.

For a jam recipe you will need

  • apples – 550g
  • plums (pitted) – 450g
  • pectin – 6g
  • sugar – 350g

Jam recipe 

According to the recipe, for a portion of jam prepared in a bread maker, you need 1 kg of loaded fruit. Take fruit in roughly equal proportions. Wash the plums, remove the seeds by cutting them in half.

Wash the apples also thoroughly. Cut each apple into four parts and cut out the seed capsule.


Grate the apples or use a food processor.

Place the spatula in the bucket of the bread machine. Load it with pitted plums. Add half of the sugar.

Place the grated apples in the bucket.

Add the rest of the sugar. Weigh 6g natural pectin on a kitchen scale and add to the bucket.

Place the bucket in the bread machine and select the Jam program. Typically, for a bread machine, the duration of cooking jam will be 2.5 hours. After about an hour, the future jam looks something like the one in the photo. After a beep, after 2.5 hours the jam is ready.

Rinse with baking soda and dry the jars. Pour the prepared jam into them. The jam turned out to be very aromatic, thick, tasty. Store jars of apple and plum jam in a cool place or in the refrigerator. Enjoy your meal


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